What we do, Our expertise

To deliver, we have organised the business into four distinct and tightly integrated by design quadrants referred to as AVID (Agility, Vigilance, Insights, Digitilisation) that aim to reduce risk and maximise return on investment while enabling customers to focus on their core business.
Adaptive Strategy
An innovative approach and digital platform that enables leaders to manage strategy and execution in a volatile, complex, and fast-paced world. Ensure your strategy is effective, sufficient, and on track to deliver future value with an award-winning software.
Programme Management (PMO)
Businesses establish programme management office as a strategic function mandated to execute projects that increase efficiency and improve effectiveness – transformation. A project is defined as a pre-determined set of activities, with a start and end date, that needs to be managed to achieve specific, measurable deliverables and outcomes, and which is subject to planned constraints (resources) and unplanned issues (uncertainty and risk).
Enterprise Portfolio Management
Applying advanced portfolio management principles to manage the strategic landscapes of the organisation—clients, channels, products, capabilities, partners, suppliers—is increasingly realised as the next-generation operating model for exponential businesses.
Business Process Engineering
Business process engineering involves the radical review and redesign of existing business processes to improve productivity, efficiency, and operational costs. Businesses embark on the BPE process to thoroughly examine existing operating models, long-term performance goals, and recommend critical changes to achieve overall improvement – improvements to methodology, quality and infrastructure.
Enterprise Security and Cyber
Today, complete threat and vulnerability visibility at your fingertips is an imperative for businesses irrespective of size. At ISOLENCE, our 360 degree risk intelligence perspective empower business leaders across the spectrum to take immediate, decisive and informed action. The ISOLENCE approach and solutions provide businesses with both internal and external threat intelligence and protection for owned physical (e.g. people and buildings) and digital assets continuously.
Governance, Risk and Compliance
According to OECG, the volatile, uncertain, complex, and ambiguous world creates instability resulting in over $1 Trillion of damage every year. Therefore, GRC is a must for business today that involves the integrated collection of capabilities that enable an organization to reliably achieve objectives (governance), address uncertainty (risk) and act with integrity (compliance) – the Principled Performance.
Agile Integration and Automation
Agile integration is a new approach to integration that leverages modern application development methods, automation, and cloud-native concepts to improve productivity, scalability and resilience. Agile integration architecture enables building, managing, and operating effectively and efficiently to achieve the goals of digital transformation geared towards process optimisation and automation.
Data Management and Analytics
Organisations can apply the data science and analytics principles, frameworks and platforms to answer questions, extract actionable insights and identify trends – transformed data can not only help examine, understand and describe what happened and seek to understand the root cause of what happened but also answer questions about what will happen in the future and using extensive artificial general intelligence identify specific actions to achieve future goals.

Applied correctly and in accordance with data privacy and ethics (individual’s consent), data science and analytics can help organisations make sense of and leverage it to improve user experiences and inform interaction efforts.
Development, Testing & Management
Application development services enable businesses to manage all aspects of the software product development from the design, and coding, to testing, ongoing improvements and management, and debugging of software – in an effective manner.
Enterprise Content Management
Businesses are transitioning from paper-based reliant processes, working from a single location, and slow communication structures. Today, efficient processes, information on demand, and automated processing are key factors for business success.
Intelligent and Smart Infrastructure
Intelligent and smart infrastructures are active contributors to the experience and success of its stakeholders by continuously interacting, learning and adapting. At ISOLENCE, we design, deploy and exploit various innovative technology products and solutions to create efficient, effective overall enterprise facilities that enable business process execution through automation.